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Highway SaathiTM On-Board Unit (OBU) is a device offering commuters enhanced connectivity, data gathering and helpline features for smooth, hassle-free and a purposeful highway travel.

Highway Saathi spotlight

Highway Saathi OBU
Highway SaathiTM OBU provides the following features :
  • Exclusive toll tag recharging services through PayOnGo

  • SOS Services like police, emergency repairing services, ambulances etc., 24x7

  • Real-time route information, updates and live navigation using Live Route

  • Management and handling of operations of a large fleet of vehicles, including vehicle tracking and SOS services, through Fleet Center

  • Voice-based query resolutions and updates of all kinds of travel queries through Virtual Assistant

The device is of immense relevance and substance for management and handling of operations of a large fleet of vehicles.