Looking for wayside amenities? Find here!

  • Travel Guide will pinpoint the location of tourist spots, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, public conveniences etc. around town.

  • The feature will provide voice alerts during over speeding, or when approaching an accident-prone area.

  • Estimated journey time with directions to destination of choice.

  • One platform for easy, simple and convenient navigation on highways

Report Incidents and win free toll passes!

  • Highway Saathi provides you real-time information about Incidents.

  • Highway incidents and congestion hotspots, with reporting facilities and free toll passes.

  • Voice-based option for all reporting facilities. Just speak your query into the phone and the app will answer it for you, be it the location of the nearest Chinese restaurant or gas station.

Need Help? Assistance is just a click away!

  • This functionality assists the user to contact emergency services, like police, ambulance etc. in case of any emergency assistance required.

  • This will generate an automated call to nearest Highway Operators based on the location of the truck in case of any emergency.

Solution to fleet owners, assistance to drivers!

  • Highway SaathiTM On-Board Unit (OBU) is a device offering commuters enhanced connectivity, data gathering and helpline features for smooth, hassle-free and a purposeful highway travel.

  • SOS Services like police, emergency repairing services, ambulances etc., 24x7

  • Real-time route information, updates and live navigation using Live Route

  • Voice-based query resolutions and updates of all kinds of travel queries through Virtual Assistant

One platform for easy, simple and convenient navigation on highways.

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